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GRANNY’S Seasoned Pretzels - Original

GRANNY’S Seasoned Pretzels - Original

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Granny's Original 50mg D9 THC Pretzels is the perfect salty snack!

These delicious treats are infused with 50mg of hemp-derived THC and are perfect for those looking for a rich edible experience. Each package of Granny’s Pretzels contains 50 pieces, boasting 1mg of D9 THC — the perfect serving size for microdosing.

The flavor of Granny’s Pretzels is salty and satisfying, with just the right amount of crunch.  

  • 50mg THC per bag 
  • 1mg THC per piece - perfect for dosing how you like! 
  • 1 mg per Pretzel
  • Recommended serving size: 2 pieces 
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